Crucial Real SSD C300

SSD is essentially a Flash memory based drive. It’s made of same technologies that RAM and flash drives. Pros list of SSD is huge, absolute tolerance against vibrations (which is extremely important for laptops and netbooks). High speed data transfer, around 250 MB/s and higher read /write speed, which affects the time spent on loading applications, booting up and shutting down system and of course faster copying files. SSD structure is nothing like regular hard drives, therefore you won’t have to worry about damaging the magnetic surface of the physical disk, which creates bad sectors/bad blocks. SSD also have longer lifespan and reliability.
SSD are too expensive yet. On the other hand it is not easy to resist system performance boost SSD drive can give you. Enthusiasts and advanced users have already found a solution for it. Basically the best thing you can do is to buy low capacity SSD with high speed data transfer, so you can run operating system and essential software that can actually benefit from high speed data transfer. Video and audio encoding, games, data processing etc. 64 GB drive would certainly be enough for this kind of a task. As for the rest of your information, you can keep on a secondary hard drives.
Not everyone can afford buying 300 GB or 500 GB SSD. But surely, 125$ is not that high price to pay for such a huge performance boost.
Crucial Real SSD C300 – 125$
64 GB storage.
Sata 6 GB interface (latest Serial ATA ultra-fast interface), majority of new motherboards have 6GB SATA interfaces, which makes Crucial Real SSD C300 a very wise choice.
Read speed is up to 355mb/s which is significantly higher than regular Hard Drives

Irakli Mosulishvili


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