Celluon Laser Projection Keyboard

You have already seen Celluon evo MOUSE. Now check this out! Celluon Laser Projection keyboard; uses both, infrared and laser technologies, projector draws the virtual keyboard on your desk with red led lights, and you use it as a regular keyboard. Don’t worry though, it’s not buggy or slow or anything else skeptic would expect from this kind of gadget. On the contrary its pretty fast, doesn’t take much time getting used to and of course this keyboard is just spectacular.

Mount the projector in a comfortable place for you and ready to go. Celluon Laser Projection Keyboard can be used practically in everything, even for gaming. Imagine how many problems you can solve with this keyboard. Hardcore IT guys keyboards are often full of trash, dust, pieces of dirt and even cigarette ashes. With Projection Keyboard you won’t even have to bother cleaning it. 🙂

Irakli Mosulishvili


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