Celluon evoMOUSE

It seems we are running out of new bicycles to invent but there are lots of things people constantly trying to improve. Take a look at this mouse, only thing it has to do with regular mice is its purpose. On the other hand using technique and interaction with the hardware itself is completely different.

Celluon evo MOUSE, basically, you don’t even have to touch the mouse itself. Just put it somewhere on the desk and point the lasers to your hand. So what you do is move your finger around the table and cursor follows the gestures. Same thing with clicks, all you do is click the desk instead of the mouse itself. Celluon evo MOUSE sensors catch pretty much everything you do. But that’s not all there are extra features for this mouse, something like the ones you can only use on touchscreen monitors. For example: extra manipulations, you can manipulate photos, rotate the picture on the display, zoom in and zoom out, etc. simply using the hand gestures.

Irakli Mosulishvili


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