Pro Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

Really impressive gadget dare I say; Admit it, how many times you wanted to get off your chair to stretch your legs but you couldn’t, because you had to finish the job. Well, this cute little thing can come handy if you fancy resting your eyes and body without having to stop working. This keyboard is extremely comfortable, no bigger size then PS or XBOX joystick; actually it’s a lot smaller and lighter. Surely Pro Mini Bluetooth keyboard doesn’t lack of innovation, it has everything you need, Multimedia control buttons, backlight lamp so you can use it even in a dark and all the necessary keys. You can just crush on the couch, make yourself comfortable and keep using your PC.

Keyboard is full wireless (Bluetooth connectivity). It works within 10 meters, which is more than enough considering you wouldn’t even be able to see your monitor if it was any farther. Pro Mini Bluetooth is equipped with Lithium-Ion battery, recharge time is considerably less then usage time. It Supports iPad (latest versions) and iPhones as well as some of the Smartphones and Android phones. Now, here is the funny part, Pro Mini even has a laser pointer : )


Standard system requirements:

Windows 2k, XP, Vista and 7, even windows CE

Mac OS 10 or later version

Linux Fedora, Ubuntu, Redhat and Debian

Irakli Mosulishvili



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