Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus

You know what they say, cheap is expensive; People often make mistakes of saving money on a crucial hardware. for some reason it is accepted that cooling devices are less important than lets, say CPU or VGA, which makes sense in a way, coolers are not responsible for your PC performance. but what they are responsible for, is to actually keep alive the vital components. What good is your CPU for if it’s dead, if it’s fried like a Kentucky chicken? You may be under impression that stock coolers can handle the job perfectly well, since your buying new CPU, but the thing is, stock coolers quite often don’t have enough power to handle the pressure. Now you ask, why sell a cooler with CPU that cannot support it? Fair question, answer is simple; manufacturers don’t take under consideration several aspects that may affect your hardware wellbeing. Room temperature, case cooling system, airflow conflicts etc. you may not be a professional over clocker but having a quality cooler is a must anyway. But no need to panic, you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a quality cooler with ultra-high performance.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus: Is relatively cheap, high efficient, supports most of modern sockets AM2, AM3 and Intel 775 to 1366. It’s easy to install and finally, it’s made by Cooler Master. Just make sure you have fairly large sized case, otherwise you may run into a trouble of fitting it in. One of the best things about Hyper 212 Plus is its ultra-low noise, 13dBa. Hyper is originally made for over clockers. Fan speed varies from 600 to 2k RPM depending on CPU temperature; heatsink is made of aluminum with direct contact heat pipes.

Cooler Dimension:

Length – 120mm

Width    – 79.7mm

Height   – 158.5mm

Irakli Mosulishvili


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